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2024 State Top Finishers

Regional Qualifiers










2024 National Qualifier

Eloy Candelaria 400m & 800m


Kandyce—4th place 100m, 2nd place long jump

Kimber—2nd place 800m

Jude—1st place 800m, 2nd place javelin

Piper—4th place 800m

Emily N—1st place shot put

Alton—3rd place 800m

Logan—4th place 800m

Chuck—2nd place 1500m

Ezekiel—3rd place 100m, 1st place javelin

Colton—5th place 1500m, 3rd place long jump

Ezekiel, Colton, Alton, Chuck—2nd place 4X400m

Sammy—2nd place shot put

Andi—4th place 400m, 3rd place 1500m

Emily Y—4th place 3000m

Harper—4th place long jump

Abigail—3rd place shot put

Lucy—3rd place discus, 4th place javelin

Madison—4th place discus

Eloy C—1st place 400m, 1st place 800m, 1st place 1500m

Ethan U—2nd place 800m, 2nd place 1500m, 1st place 3000m

Wyatt—3rd place 1500m

Ryan—2nd place long jump

Chayce—4th place shot put

Tesla—1st place 1500m

Brynlee—1st place 3000m, 3rd place discus

Mckenzy—4th place 3000m, 2nd place discus

Kaleb—2nd place 1500m, 2nd place 800m

Eloy U—3rd place 1500m, 3rd place 800m, 1st place 3000m

Trace—4th place 800m

Xavier Machuca—3rd place 3000m

Ben—3rd place discus, 4th place shot put

Reagan—1st place 1500m, 2nd place discus

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