Cougar Incentive Clubs

Cougar Miler Club:

Athletes should start keeping track of miles they run on August 1, 2015. The form attached below is an easy one page format, and includes the number of miles needed to reach each goal. 

Athletes will know which training group they are in shortly after the beginning of regular season practices.  Until then, track the actual number of miles run each day. 

Once athletes are in a designated training group, they can always count the minimum number of miles listed for their training group for a practice or race day.  Some practice runs may be longer, and on those days, athletes may track the actual mileage.

Goals are set such that athletes who faithfully attend 4 days of practice each week and attend meets will be able to reach the second goal.  In order to reach the third, highest level, athletes will need to run above and beyond.

As soon as your athlete has reached a goal level, they can bring their form to practice to be verified by Coach Michelle or Coach Stephanie,  and to receive the prize for that level.
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