All-Americans & National Champions

2013 USATF Youth Nationals Edwardsville, IL
1 NATIONAL CHAMPION and 14 All - American performances!!!

Long Jump 7-8 Girls

2nd  Futey, Leah 05 Cougar TC 3.15m 1.3 10-04.00 8

Javelin Throw 300g 7-8 Boys
8th Howell, Blayne 05 Cougar TC 10.53m 34-06 1

3000 Meter Run 11-12 Girls
2nd Schrader, Isabella 01 Cougar TC 11:27.94 8

3000 Meter Run 11-12 Boys
8th Futey, Lucas 02 Cougar TC 11:32.77 1

800 Meter Run 7-8 Girls
2nd Futey, Leah 05 Cougar TC 2:47.78 8

800 Meter Run 9-10 Boys
3rd Howell, Brandon 03 Cougar TC 2:30.41 6

800 Meter Run 11-12 Girls
7th Schrader, Isabella 01 Cougar TC 2:35.10 2

800 Meter Run 13-14 Boys
6th Pineda-Dominguez, Ivan 00 Cougar TC 2:19.57 3

1500 Meter Run 7-8 Girls
NATIONAL CHAMPION!!!- 1st Futey, Leah 05 Cougar TC 5:37.94 10

1500 Meter Run 7-8 Boys
3rd Howell, Blayne 05 Cougar TC 5:50.99 6

1500 Meter Run 9-10 Boys
2nd Howell, Brandon 03 Cougar TC 5:07.41 8

1500 Meter Run 11-12 Girls
4th Schrader, Isabella 01 Cougar TC 5:14.28 2 5

1500 Meter Run 11-12 Boys
8th Futey, Lucas 02 Cougar TC 5:21.64 1

1500 Meter Run 13-14 Girls
7th Pineda-Dominguez, Gabrie 99 Cougar TC 5:16.54 2

2012 XC Nationals Summary

You made Junior Olympic history this weekend! We had an unheard of 24 All Americans and 7 National Team Titles!!! I am still stunned at how amazing you did! I did not think it was statistically possible to repeat, let alone exceed, what we accomplished in 2011 at XC Nationals. What we did in 2011 had never been done and this year we made it look like a distant 2nd place. I hope you are all able to make it to the end of season awards party this weekend. We have a lot to celebrate. God has been very good to us and I hope and pray you all can see that!

I am proud and blessed to be associated with each of you in this Cougar Cross Country family. My prayer is that when each of you: athletes, parents and coaches alike look back on this season you will know that with great focus and persistence and attention to the small things anything is possible and that God's hand is on this team! New Mexico running and the Junior Olympic program is forever changed as a result of the patience and dedication and motivation of 138 athletes and their families from Cougar Track Club.

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"And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end? From within." Eric Liddell- Chariots of Fire

Coach Cleveland

Top 3 Teams

1st- SBG- 2nd year in a row!!

1st- SBB

1st- BB- 3rd year in a row!!!

1st- MG- 2nd year in a row!!

1st- MB

1st- YG

1st- IG

Other amazing finishes: 4th- IB, 5th- YB, 6th-BG

2012 XC All Americans- Top 25 Place Age Grp #
Leah Futey 3rd SBG 1
Laura Antone 12th SBG 2
Gabriella Torrez 14th SBG 3
Elise Toya 20th SBG 4
Cecilia Campos 22nd SBG 5
Jamin Harlan 2nd SBB 6
William Klein 9th SBB 7
Jett Smith 14th SBB 8
Abby Ann Bedonie 20th BG 9
Brian Armijo 9th BB 10
Brandon Howell 21st BB 11
Andi Almodovar 11th MG 12
Kylie Poole 19th MG 13
Isabella Schrader 21st MG 14
Ivan Pineda Dominguez 1st MB 15
Jericho Cleveland 3rd MB 16
Milo Garvanian 13th MB 17
Molly Klein 3rd YG 18
Jordan Lesansee 21st YB 19
Julie Giannini 2nd IG 20
Haley Rach 16th IG 21
Roy Madrid 7th IB 22
Aaron Romero 25th IB 23
Jacquie Katzman
YW 24

2012 Track Summary


We just recorded our best track finish at a National Championship in club history and most likely in NM history. We had 4 National Champions and 3 runner ups!!!
TOP 8 finishers acheive "All-American Status
2012 Track & Field All- Americans
Name Age Grp Event Place
Clare Moots YG Pentathlon 1st
Clare Moots YG High Jump 4th
Clare Moots YG Javelin 7th
Jericho Cleveland MB Pentathlon 4th
Jericho Cleveland MB 3000m Run 1st
Jericho Cleveland MB 1500m Run 2nd
Moriah Cionelo IG 3000m RW 1st
Leah Futey SBG 1500m Run 1st
Leah Futey SBG 800m Run 3rd
Taylor Gonzales YG 3000m RW 2nd
Nehemiah Cionelo MB 1500RW 2nd
YB 4x800 relay YB 4x800m Relay 3rd
Noah Dodd
Brady Schall
Dakota Cleveland
Chris Wilson
Raven Padilla IG 3000m RW 4th
Tabitha Cionelo BG 1500 RW 5th
Sequoyah Cleveland MB High Jump 5th
Hayden Thomas YB 100m Dash 6th
Kiera Toya MG Turbo Jav 7th
Brycen Schall MB Pentathlon 7th
2011 XC Junior Olympic All-Americans Myrtle Beach, SC- 12/10/11
Sub-Bantam Girls: Alex Ford- Cougar Track Club's 1st XC National Champion!!!
6 All American Teams as follows:
  • 1st Sub-Bantam Girls
  • 2nd Sub-Bantam Boys
  • 2nd Bantam Girls
  • 1st (2nd year in a row) Bantam Boys
  • 1st Midget Girls
  • 2nd Midget Boys
15 Individual All- Americans for 2011 XC season as follows:
Sub Bantam Girls
  • Alex Ford- National Champion!!!
  • Faith Martinez- 4th
  • Melissa Orozco- 14th
  • Alizabeth Harrison- 16th
  • Emily Schrader- 22nd
Sub Bantam Boys
  • Jamin Harlan- 3rd !!!
  • Brandon Howell- 5th
Bantam Boys
  • Brycen Schall- 6th
  • Sequoyah Cleveland- 14th
Bantam Girls
  • Briana Toya- 25th
Midget Girls
  • Molly Klien- 6th
  • Camila Orozco- 11th
  • Melina McClure- 16th
Midget Boys
  • Jericho Cleveland- 9th
  • Chance Ford- 16th
2011 Junior Olympic T&F Nationals All- Americans- Wichita, KS- 7/26/11
1500 Meter Run Sub-Bantam Girls
  8th Martinez, Faith              Cougar Tc-1042         6:15.90
1500 Meter Race Walk Bantam Girls
 8th Cionelo, Tabitha             Cougar Tc-1042        10:25.82
1500 Meter Race Walk Bantam Boys
 4th Jones, Peter                 Cougar Tc-1042        11:19.92
1500 Meter Race Walk Midget Boys
  3rd Cionelo, Nehemiah            Cougar Tc-1042         8:13.63
3000 Meter Race Walk Intermediate Girls
 3rd Cionelo, Moriah              Cougar Tc-1042        17:03.97
4x800 Meter Relay Intermediate Boys
  5th Cougar Tc-1042  'A'                                 8:48.86
     1) Bassett, Cody                   2) Gravelle, Donevan
     3) Madrid, Rj                      4) Trujillo, Matthew
Outdoor Pentathlon Midget Girls
                            Points      80H       SP       HJ       LJ      800
 2nd Moots, Clare                      14.37    7.27m    1.35m    4.01m  2:35.33
   Cougar Tc-1042                   w: 2.7 23-10.25     4-05   w: 2.1
                              2543    (793)    (352)    (460)    (310)    (628)
2011 Youth T&F Nationals All American- Myrtle Beach, CA- 7/3/11
Harrison Smith finishes 8th PRing in 5:07 for the MB 1500m run! Way to go "H"!
8 Smith, Harrison           99 Cougar Track Club      5:07.18   
Harrison Smith goes All American PRing in the 3000m run finishing 5th!!!
 5 Smith, Harrison           99 Cougar Track Club     10:49.50
2010 Cougar XC All Americans- Hoover, AL 12/11/10
12-11-10- The best of the best- the cream of the crop descends on Hoover, AL for the National JO XC Champs!
What in the WORLD! Little ole Cougar Track Club from the least populated state in the union now has on its mantle a trophy that says THE BANTAM BOYS ARE THE U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!
BG- Our 1st All-American of the day comes with the 1st race- Rachael Hendrickson finishing in the money at 25th place!!! BG Team finishes 6th vs 8th last year!!
BB- Our next All- Americans come in the BB race where we had 3:
  • Jericho Cleveland rocks their socks in 3rd!
  • Chance Ford in his Rookie season finished 11th
  • Josh Harlan is our 3rd finisher in 20th
  • Milo Garvanian- 30th, Christopher Hendrickson- 37th, Julian Lopez- 54th, Chase Keller- 56th, Matthew Valdez- 78th
2010 Cougar Track All Americans/National Champion
YOUTH NATIONALS- Lisle, IL- 06/29/10
  • COLTER HOFFMAN 4th in the YB Pentathon at YOUTH NATIONALS

  • CLARE MOOTS 5th in the MG Pentathon & 5th in the MG mini javelin 23.77m At Youth Nationals

  • GARRETT WADE 7th in the mini javelin 24.75m At Youth Nationals!!!


JO T&F National Championships- Sacramento, CA 7/27/10
  • Moriah Cionelo is THE NATIONAL YG RW 3000m Champ!
  • For Immediate release: Albuquerque's Cougar Track Club's Moriah Cionelo won the Youth Girls (13-14 year old) 3000 meter race walk in 16:57.34 today at the USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championship in Sacramento, California.  This is the first USATF individual national championship for Moriah and the Cougar Track Club. Moriah took a whooping 49 seconds off her PR. She hovered in the top 4 for most of the race then on bell lap moved up to challenge 1st place passing and moving into 1st with 50m to go winning by 6 seconds!

2009 Cougar XC All- Americans- Reno, NV 12/12/09

Individuals:  Molly Klein, Clare Moots, Kalei Yepa.
All- American Teams:
  • 2nd Place- Bantam Boys  Jericho Cleveland, Josh Harlan, Neils Hancock, Christopher Hendrickson, Chase Hoffman, Harrison Smith, Jack Rembe, Devin Paredes.
  • 2nd place- Midget Girls: Kalei Yepa, Toni Marie Gonzales, Jazzy Padilla, Rebecca Castillo, , Victoria Lovato, Mari Yepa, Errin Hendrickson
2009 Cougar Track All Americans
2009 Track Elite All-Americans: Moriah Cionelo-3K RW, Abby Magnus-3K RW, Kate Scott-3K RW
2009 Track Elite Top 100 Honor Roll Athletes: Jackie Katzman-3K run, Jericho Cleveland-Mini Javelin, Kale Brown- Hurdles, Cody Bassett-Hurdles
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